Join me for a Victorian Christmas
on December 12th & 13th 2014
in York, England!

Street Victorian

For further details visit


The Bear Paw Cafe

As many of you know my nickname from early childhood has been “The Bear”. I found the neatest Cafe in St. George that just was something I was so excited…

Financial freedom?

I am excited to share with all of you this wonderful new company my family and I have aligned with. If I could show you how to create a legacy…

Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Merrill will be signing CDs and photos at an Autograph Show on April 12th and 13th 2014 at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel,  Address 5400 West Century Blvd.

Fishing with Tom

Yesterday I spent the day fishing and spending some time with my brother, Tom.   It was good to relax…..we had a good day.


I need to get a haircut… I am starting to look more like Father Christmas ha!