Lion’s Gate Recovery

Lion’s Gate Recovery is a fully accredited residential treatment facility located in beautiful Southern Utah.

With over 25 years experience, Lion’s Gate provides treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Their residents experience a new sense of hope as they rediscover many life skills that have been lost due to their addiction. They also understand that addiction is a family disease. As such, they have made family recovery their mission and the focus of their treatment.

lions gate recovery

They use twelve step methods for recovery. They also incorporate a gospel centered philosophy into the recovery program. Each of the residents live together in a home style setting where they can learn in a supportive environment how to overcome their addiction. They learn life skills and gospel principles that will help them in their journey toward recovery.

They also have a partnership with the prestigious Amen Clinic. They are able to offer SPECT Studies to their residents. These studies are used to scan the brain to determine which types of targeted treatment will be most effective. They are also useful in developing a better understanding of the addiction for the resident and their loved one. They are also more likely to go along with treatment.

Residential Treatment also offers:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Equine therapy
  • Adventure based counselling
  • Hiking and adventure
  • Program assessment
  • Life skills classes
  • Genetic testing

The atmosphere and environment at Lion’s Gate Recovery is ideal for effective recovery and healing. They introduce you to a wide range of highly skilled staff and therapeutic components that would not normally be made available through other treatment providers. The staff sets Lion’s Gate recovery apart from other treatment options, and at the forefront of your personalized care, recovery, and sobriety.