About Merrill Osmond

M 001 Merrill Osmond is the lead singer for the world famous Osmond family. He is also an established solo artist. He has toured throughout the world performing in many major venues. With his brothers, Merrill has sang lead on 27 gold records. He has produced and written the music and lyrics for 5 number one hit records.  The Osmonds have produced 47 platinum and gold records and no other recording artists have earned as many gold records in one year as the Osmond family.  It’s Merrills incredible voice you can hear on such hits as One Bad Apple, Let Me In, Love Me For A Reason and Crazy Horses. The Osmonds still hold the record today for achieving eleven Gold Award Certificates in one year.

Merrill was the Executive Producer of the Donny & Marie Show that aired on ABC-TV.  He has also worked closely with the production of President Ronald Reagans Inauguration, then again in 1989 he was invited to produce the Inaugural Ball for President George H. Bush.

​In 1983, Merrill co-founded and assisted in creating The Children’s Miracle Network that has since raised more than $4 billion for children’s hospitals around the world.

Merrill is the Patron of The Hearing Fund UK, a charity founded by his son, Justin. The Hearing Fund helps children living with hearing loss and helps raise deaf awareness globally. Merrill produces the annual Gala event held by The Hearing Fund UK.

He is now celebrating his 60th year in show business and continues to produce new music, tour and perform both solo and with his brothers entertaining huge audiences both in America and The United Kingdom.



February 4th 2014

In 1982, my business partner and I approached the Osmond Family about an idea that never should have worked.

The idea was to launch the Osmond Foundation into a charity that would benefit, what have become 170 other charities. These charities are Premier Children’s Hospitals throughout North America.

The method of generating funds and awareness for these wonderful Children’s Hospitals was to start a new Telethon. The reason this should have never worked was the fact that in 1982 there were 19 telethons in America and only 3 broadcasters in each community; ABC, NBC and CBS.

To make our challenge even harder, we were not going to pay the television stations for broadcasting our telethon.

With the generous help in time and name, the entire Osmond Family joined with us, and relying on Merrill Osmond and his sister, Marie, the Osmond’s went with us to meet with hospitals, television stations, and sponsors. Merrill Osmond spent as much of his free time as he could to join me in these efforts.

In 1983 we aired the first annual, Osmond Foundation’s Children’s Miracle Network Telethon live from the Osmond Studio’s in Provo, Utah. Twenty two (22), Children’s Hospitals agreed to join in this effort and thirty (30) television stations agreed to broadcast our twenty one (21) hour telethon.

That 1st annual telethon raised $4.7 million for those 22 hospitals.

Following the first telethon, the Osmond’s lead by Merrill and Marie continued to join us in adding more hospitals and more television stations to our Miracle Network.

Jumping head 30 years, there now 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, 200 television stations, 340 radio stations and many sponsors and celebrities that continue to grow this dream.

In 2013, the 30th anniversary of the telethon, The Children’s Miracle Network has raised $5 Billion, over these to years, for these wonderful hospitals and was named by USA Today, the #1 Charity in America.

None of this would have been possible without the Osmond Family lead by Merrill and Marie.

Merrill Osmond will forever be my brother in good works.


Joseph G. Lake

Co Founder/Children’s Miracle Network (Retired)