The Official Merrill Osmond Store

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2021 Official Calendar

You can now pre order The official Merrill Osmond 2021 calendar!

£15 inc. p&p

Professional colour photos by Dustin P Smith

Merrill Osmond JIGSAW

Merrill Osmond Jigsaws!

£20  inc p/p


Phone calls from Merrill

Would you like Merrill to call you? This is an ideal gift for friends and family.

$50 – Available worldwide.

Let the Reason be Love Audiobook

Let the Reason be Love – Read by Merrill Osmond
4 discs – 4 hrs 30 min


£35 – Inc p&p

Merrill’s Let The Reason Be Love – Book

Real life journal excerpts and fascinating life stories written by Merrill Osmond.

£10 inc P&P (Estimated delivery 3-5 working days)

Merrill & Jay : A Rockin Merry Christmas

£15 inc. p&p

Rock Show DVD filmed live at The Cavern

Filmed live at The Cavern, Liverpool on the 8th June 2017.
“This is my favourite venue to perform at.” – Merrill Osmond

£20 inc. p&p

Sold Out
The new vintage CD by Merrill and Jay Osmond.

Recapturing the hits but in their own unique way.

£20 inc. p&p